Interscholastic Athletic Policy



  1.  NHIAA Rules


The student/athlete shall abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA).


  1. Academic Eligibility


The student/athlete shall abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by the Manchester Board of School Committee.  Consistent with NHIAA Scholastic Standing requirements, students/athletes must pass a minimum of four (4) units of work per grading period to participate. Students/athletes shall not fail more than one course during the school’s previous grading period (quarter).


Students/athletes may regain eligibility by reducing academic deficiencies, failures, or incompletes of the regular school year through academic credit recovery programs completed prior to the first date to practice in the sport as determined by the NHIAA. Students/athletes academically ineligible as a result of second quarter grades shall be allowed to try out for any spring sport that starts prior to the end of the third quarter. Academic eligibility shall be determined upon release of third quarter grades.


  1. Required Forms


Before a student/athlete can participate in any sport, including practices and conditioning, he/she shall have the following on file in her/his respective school:

  1. Proof of having had a physical examination by a certified physician.  Physical examinations are valid for one complete calendar year.
  1. The “Permission to Compete/Physical Exam” filled out and returned to the head coach of the sport. To participate in the athletic program each student must be covered by medical insurance. Any changes in insurance must be reported to the athletic coordinator immediately. Parents and students should be aware that 24-hour insurance is made available for them to purchase at the start of the school year. They may obtain the insurance paperwork through their  school.
  1. The “Athletic Code” with the Students 157-Interscholastic Athletic Policy” must be signed by the parent and the student/athlete and returned.
  1. The “Permission for Athletic Medical Treatment” form must be filled out, including the insurance information, signed by the parent, and returned to the coach of the sport the student is playing.


  1. School Attendance Policy

A student/athlete is expected to attend all classes on his/her school schedule on the day of a contest and the next school day following the contest.  Habitual absences before and/or after a contest may result in suspension from the team.  Exceptions to this rule are if a student athlete has been excused from school attendance for such reasons as a doctor’s appointment, field trips, college visitations or other such reasons other than illness.

  1. Athletics Attendance Policy


Team members are expected to be present at all practices, team meetings, contests, and special occasions unless excused by the coach.

  1. Equipment


The student/athlete is responsible for all equipment issued to him/her.  Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment shall be paid for by the student/athlete or his/her parent or guardian.

  2. Travel

All team members shall travel to and from athletic contests by means of transportation provided or organized by the school faculty manager of the city athletic director.  The only exception to this rule shall be the release of the student/athlete to his/her parent or guardian upon written request to the faculty manager who will consult with the city athletic director.  This request shall be in writing at least three days prior to the event and shall state the special circumstances as to why the student should not travel with the team.

  1. Injury or Illness


If a student/athlete is seriously injured, he/she shall have a doctor’s release before he/she can practice or compete in athletic contests or practices.  PARTICIPATION IN AFTER SCHOOL PRACTICE OR ATHLETIC  CONTESTS  SHALL  NOT  BE  PERMITTED  IF  THE  STUDENT/ATHLETE  IS  OUT  OF SCHOOL ALL OR PART OF THE DAY OF THE EVENT FOR ILLNESS OR INJURY.

  1. Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Use of Prescription Drugs


The possession or use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or  illegal drugs is prohibited by Manchester student/athletes.

  1. Upon evidence of possession or use, or the student/athlete having been in the presence of any of the above the student/athlete shall be suspended from the team pending investigation.
  1. A first offense of this policy shall result in no less than a three week suspension from the team with credit for time served in suspension during the investigation.  Unless further discipline is warranted, an athlete in violation of paragraph 9 or subparagraph A, shall  be allowed to attend practices, but must complete a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program either with the school Student Assistance Program (SAP) or with an outside agency recognized by the District.


  1. The District reserves the right to remove a student/athlete from participation in all athletics. A second offense of this paragraph 9 or subparagraph A shall result in removal of the student/athlete for sixty (60) NHIAA athletic calendar days.


  1. Quitting and Cutting

A student/athlete quitting a team shall be ineligible to participate on any other school team during that same season.  A student/athlete who goes out for a sport and is “cut” shall be eligible to try out for another sport during that same season.  

  1. Discipline Policy


Athletic suspensions shall be made by the District Athletic Director after consulting with the Athletic Coordinator, Coach and building Principal.  In order for any suspension to occur, all three educators shall be consulted with by the Athletic Director, but the lack of such consultation shall not excuse the student/athlete from a suspension.  The final decision whether to administer a suspension, the length of that suspension, and the necessity for further discipline shall rest with the District Athletic Director. The reasons for temporary suspensions and/or removal from the team include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Inadequate grades
  1. Misconduct on or off school grounds


  1. Unexcused absences from meeting or practices
  1. Violations of athletic policies


  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct
  1. A criminal act on or off school grounds
  1. Team Initiations, Hazing, and Bullying

A Student may be immediately suspended pending an investigation of a violation of this Code.  It shall be the policy of the District to immediately suspend any student charges with a crime pending further investigation. A violation of the Student Code of Conduct” resulting in either an in-school or out-of-school suspension shall result in a suspension from both practice and school contests for a period of at least equal duration. Nothing in this policy shall limit the ability of the Athletic Director to remove a student athlete from the team for repeated violations of the Athletic Code of for circumstances in which the District Athletic Director, after conferring with the Coach, Athletic Coordinator, building Principal and the Superintendent or his/her designee, determines that removal from the team is the appropriate disciplinary action.

A suspension in excess of ten (10) days, or removal from the team shall be appealable to the Superintendent of Schools. The decision of the Superintendent shall be final and may be appealed to the State Department of Education.              

Team Initiations and Hazing

Team initiations and hazing  are illegal and strictly prohibited under RSA 631.  Any athlete participating in these activities, or who knows such activities are taking place and does not report them to the Coach or Athletic Coordinator, shall be subject to permanent removal from the team.  The recommendation for removal shall be made by the District Athletic Director to the Superintendent of Schools after an appropriate investigation has taken place.

  2. The NHIAA Athletic Calendar

The NHIAA Athletic Calendar is a six-day week and begins on the earliest practice day for the Fall season regardless of the sport, and concludes on the last day of the Spring season’s playoffs, including other individual championships. In the event an infraction occurs during the Spring season and the sixty (60) day suspension cannot be served prior to the completion of the school year, the suspension shall carry over into the next Fall season




Revised from:  8/94, 3/04


Reviewed by Athletics and Extracurricular Committee: 10/13/10, 11/9/10, 12/14/10

First Reading Coordination: 12/14/10

Second Reading and Adoption by BOSC: 1/10/11