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West High School Fall Sports Information 2014

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West High School has many activities to offer the incoming class of 2018.  We currently have 5 freshmen teams, 11 junior varsity teams and 31 varsity teams.  We hope that every student gets involved and finds some activity that interests them.  High school sports are a major part of the high school experience and we would like you to take advantage of this opportunity and to get involved.

Fall Team                 Date         Time            Location                         Coach                                      Contact Info.                                           


Football                   Aug. 13     7:45am      West Turf               Vance Sullivan                                              

Cross Country         Aug. 18    8:00am     West Track              Colleen Lehman                  

Golf                         Aug 19     11:30am    Derryfield  CC           Brad Morse                                        

Soccer                      Aug. 18    8am         Piscatasquog              OPEN                                                                                     


Cheerleading            Aug. 18    6pm         West Gym                  Sharon Glennon              

Cross Country         Aug. 18    8:00am    West Track                 Leo Ducharme                           

Soccer                    Aug. 18    8:00am    Piscatasquog               Alyssa Thayer                                 

Volleyball                 Aug. 18    8:00am    West Gym                                OPEN                                                                                     

Point of Emphasis: Fall athletic practices and games begin before the start of school.  Please plan your summer vacations accordingly.  High school athletics are a full time commitment and players are expected to be at all games, practices and team functions.

All athletes must provide proof of insurance.  If you do not have insurance you can purchase insurance for a minimal fee through the school.  Log on to the Manchester School District website for more information.


Please register for athletics online.  FamilyID-  link can be found from the West High School Webpage.  More information regarding registrations can be found on the back page. 

Fall registration will open on July 1, 2014.  Registration will close on August 17 at 11pm. 

Please bring a copy of your current physical examination to the tryout-  it must be within a calendar year and must be in hand in order to participate.

CONCUSSION BASELINE TESTING:  Every athlete is required to take a computer based online concussion test in order to participate in athletics.   The test will be offered to each athlete at the beginning of the season.